How to Prepare for Graduation!

How to Prepare for Graduation!

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The day you have all been waiting for is almost here and it is time to start prepare for graduation. Graduation is a day when most people are experiencing mixed feelings and emotions. The majority are ready to graduate and move on with their next chapter in life, but the majority are also very emotional since it is time to say goodbye to professors, friends, and memories before moving on to what's coming next. With that being said, graduation will be emotional, fun, and exciting, and it is important to prep for graduation in the best way possible. 

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to best prepare for graduation. 

1. The week before. 

The prep for graduation does not start the same day or even the night before. It is important to start preparing at least one week ahead to make sure that everything turns out perfect on the day of your graduation. 

  1. Cutting/dying your hair. Are you planning on doing some changes to your hair before graduation? Do not wait until the same day or night before graduation to get it done! A lot of people are planning on doing their hair for graduation, make sure to make an appointment ahead to secure that your hairdresser is available. Do not make any appointments the same day or night before graduation if it isn't necessary, that will only make the day even more stressful. 

  2. Manicure/pedicure. Are you planning on getting a manicure and/or pedicure for graduation? The same rule applies as when getting your hair done, do not wait until the same day or day before graduation! Again, your graduation day will be stressful enough as it is, do not make any last-minute appointments when it can be done in advance. 

  3. Self-care routine. Don't wait until the same day or night before graduation to do your proper skincare routine. Also, drink lots of water, use facemasks, work out, etc. Do things that make you feel healthy and happy. You want everything to be perfect on the day of graduation, it is, therefore, important to start preparing in advance. 

2. The night before.

The night before graduation is a very important day to get the best possible prep for graduation. This is the day when you will prepare as much as possible to make the day of graduation as stress-free as possible. 

  1. Pick eyebrows. One thing that should be done the night before graduation is your eyebrows. When picking your eyebrows, the surrounded area tends to get swollen and red. Noone wants swollen and red eyebrows on graduation day, so do this the night before.  

  2. Use a facemask. Treat yourself with a facemask the night before your graduation day. Make sure your skin glows and looks hydrated before graduation, and make sure that your skin is smooth and ready for makeup. Below is a link to our favorite Green Tea Matcha Facial Mud Mask from Novashine!

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  3. Shower. Some people might think it sounds strange to shower the night before graduation. However, if you are planning on doing something special to your hair, like curling it or doing an updo, it would be more beneficial to shower your hair the night before. The chosen hairstyle will last longer because your hair will have a better texture if you shower it the night before. Not only that, but you will also save time on the day of your graduation. 

  4. Paint nails. If you are not planning on getting your nails done at the nail salon, it would be smart to paint your nails with nail polish the night before. It will minimize stress on the day of your graduation. 
  5. Self-tan/spray tan. If you are planning on getting a spray tan or doing self-tan, that should be done the night before so you can rinse it off on the morning of graduation. 

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  6. Whiten teeth. Something that makes a big difference in your looks is your teeth. White teeth give you the little extra that you are looking for on your graduation day. Below is a link to our favorite teeth whitening kit from Novashine. 

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  7. Prepare outfit. Before going to bed the day before graduation, make sure to prepare the outfit you are wearing. You should know what dress you are wearing, what jewelry you are wearing, and what shoes you are wearing. It will save you time and give you a clear mind before going to bed. 

  8. Decide on hair and makeup. Another thing that should be done before going to bed the day before graduation is deciding what you are doing to your hair and makeup. This will also save you time and make it less stressful on the day of your graduation. 

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3. The day of graduation. 

Laslty, the most important day of them all, graduation day. If you have done everything in your power to start prep for graduation at least one week before, this day should not be too stressful. 

  1. Shower. If you didn't shower the night before, make sure to take a shower in the morning before getting ready. If you did shower the night before it would still be recommended to take a body bath, without washing your hair!

  2. Hair and makeup. As mentioned before, make sure to decide what look you are wearing the night before or even earlier than that. That will save you time and minimize stress on graduation day. Another tip is to start doing your hair and makeup early. You want to be able to put your makeup on calmly without feeling any type of stress. Work with the clock, not against it. 
  3. Whiten teeth one last time. When you are done doing your hair and makeup don't forget to whiten your teeth one last time. You can even whiten your teeth while you are doing your hair and makeup! 

  4. Get dressed. Getting dressed should be the last step in your prep for graduation routine. Don't get dressed before doing hair and makeup, and don't get dressed before eating. You don't want to risk getting any stains on your graduation clothes. 

  5. Have fun!!! Lastly, don't forget to have fun and enjoy your time!

Prepare for graduation

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There are a lot of different things to think about when getting ready to graduate. To facilitate the process, you should start prep for graduation at least one week prior to your graduation day. Even though this day might be stressful, try to remember to enjoy your time and have fun. Your graduation day should be a memory you want to look back at with a smile on your face. That is why we want to prepare ahead, to try and make the actual graduation day as stress-free as possible. 

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