The Top 5 Novashine Deals this Holiday Season

The Top 5 Novashine Deals this Holiday Season

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Looking to find the perfect gift for your loved one this holiday season, but struggling to find one that sticks out as uniquely them? Try these Novashine products made just for your loved one to enjoy, and hope they have the same idea as you! Here are the 5 best choices in our opinion that will light up the room and stand out when the wrapping paper goes flying!

The Ultimate Bundle is our first pick, including the Teeth Whitening Kit, the Toothpaste, and the Matcha Mud Mask. This bundle is an extremely helpful collection that not only allows for the user to whiten their teeth significantly in two uses, but also to maintain that smile with the toothpaste and repair damage and inflammation with the mud mask. The products in this bundle are extremely high quality, and with a price point of just below the average Teeth Whitening Kit on its own at $68.36, it is well worth the investment and will make the receiver of this gift jump with joy upon opening it.

The Teeth Whitening Kit is next on the list, placing just above the Ultimate Bundle due to the extremely affordable price of $48.50. This kit includes the Whitening Enhancing LED Mouthpiece, a 1.5 month’s supply of peroxide whitening gel, along with a useful (and stylish) travel bag. This is the most purchased item we offer for a reason, and just taking a look at some of the many positive reviews left on that item's page will tell you everything you need to know about how much your loved one will appreciate this product as a gift this holiday season.

Moving on to one of our most practical options is the Nightly Routine Bundle, including the standard Teeth Whitening Kit, a Green Tea Matcha Mud Mask, and a free Brush Applicator for the mask. This is a great collection of items that can be used for months to come, being both practical and fun to use for whoever is lucky enough to receive it as a gift. The best gifts are always ones that can be incorporated into your day to day life, and this is a bundle that will achieve just that for a discounted price of only $84.00.

Almost there! Our number 2 choice is the Two Toothbrush Bundle, a fantastic gift that can work for not one, but two people. Our Sonic Electric Toothbrushes are state of the art, with 5 distinct vibration modes that effectively attack plaque and bacteria, while also being customizable to your personal tooth sensitivity. This is an incredible deal with a price of $69.99, and would be the perfect gift for you and your significant other, your parents, siblings, or even two completely separate individuals. And with two new colors, you can choose from the white, black, red or yellow toothbrush, allowing for the receiver of this gift to be touched by your thoughtful color choice as well. With such a great deal, the only thing that is better than 2 of our Sonic Toothbrushes is…

THE COUPLES BUNDLE!!!! That’s right, the only thing that can beat two toothbrushes is two of our Teeth Whitening Kits. This deal works for all the same reasons as the previous choice, but with more features and more versatility. At $97.00 for two kits, you will be hard pressed to find a better deal for a brighter smile this Holiday Season.

Agree with our choices? Find a more appealing deal in one of our other products? Feel free to comment on this blog or send us an email to let us know what you think, and maybe we will even update our list if you make a compelling argument! Take a look for yourself by visiting the products and bundles pages on our website, and spread the love this year with Novashine, and have a happy holiday!

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