Top Ten TikTok Products You Didn't Know You Needed

Top Ten TikTok Products You Didn't Know You Needed

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Between viral dance videos, cute puppy moments and hilarious trend setting content, TikTok has stirred up some major hype. But within all of the funny moments and catchy songs, users have started using the platform as a way to share their favorite products, and racked up thousands of views talking about them. 


The convenience of the platform has allowed some products to go viral, and move straight to the top of everyone’s for you page (fyp). But with so many TikTok products circulating, how do you know which are actually worth it?


From fabric shavers to teeth whiteners, here’s our top picks for the viral TikTok products that live up to the hype:

1.Star Projector

Dream room check…. If you haven’t seen this star projector lighting up your for you page do you even have TikTok? These small projectors pack a big impact by lighting up your bedroom with the night sky. You can choose between different galaxy settings and star patterns. To see how cool it looks, check out the TikTok below. 

2. Novashine Teeth Whitening 

Our Teeth Whitening Kit has taken over TikTok by storm. Fans of our kit love the simplicity of the patented light technology, which can connect into your phone or any USB device. With only 15-30 minutes of daily use for a brighter smile, there’s plenty of time to film and post a TikTok… which is why many famous TikTokers choose to use our products while filming their favorite dances, it’s that convenient! 

3. The Ordinary Skincare

Now that the skincare community has infiltrated TikTok, it would be hard to avoid the insanely economical but effective products from The Ordinary skincare. We are obsessed with their serums and masks, and love that they are skincare by Hyram approved 😍 🙌🏿 Check out the TikTok below to see a before and after skin transformation of someone using one of their most popular serums.

4. Trendy Blue Light Glasses

With stay at home orders and decreasing social interactions, looking at a screen all day is unavoidable. Yet optometrists have warned too much blue light can have devastating effects on the health of your eyesight. Luckily, Tiktok has saved the day by sharing these super cute blue light glasses. Check them out here or in the TikTok below and show up to your next Zoom call in style. 

5. Revlon Oil Absorbing Roller

Goodbye, oily skin! This Revlon Oil Absorbing roller wowed the TikTok beauty community with its seamless oil removal. The product, which is made from volcanic stone, absorbs any oily buildup on the skin within one swipe. The small and convenient size of the product makes it easy to throw in your bag and use on the go. 

6. LED Lights

Heavenly skies...cherry blossoms.. These are just a few of the color combinations names for LED lights spreading across the TikTok platform. It seems like you can’t scroll past any video on your FYP without seeing the glow of these color changing lights in the background. But with so many color options and 32 ft of lights to cover your room, it’s understandable why everyone wants to fill their room with a colorful glow you can change to fit your mood. 

7. Satisfying Fabric Shaver

Ever save up to buy a new pair of leggings just to find little balls of fuzz near the seams after the first time you wash them? This TikTok went viral when she found a product to solve this frustrating fabric dilemma. This fabric shaver eliminates the pilling and makes your leggings look brand new. This TikTok showing the before and after using the shaver has garnered over 116,000 likes and sent the product straight to everyone’s shopping carts.

8. Car Cleaning Gel 

This product has been called “adult-slime” for its goopy, sticky appearance. But don’t be fooled, this product has been touted as a car must-have due to its ability to shape into hard-to-reach cracks and nooks to clean them. The moldable gel is perfect for cleaning those cracks in your air vents, cup holders or even your laptop keyboard. 

9. Coldest Water Bottle


Move aside Yeti and Hydroflask, the Coldest Water bottle has taken over TikTok as the best bottle to keep your coldest water ever, for up to 36 hours. The different size options guarantee you’ll stay hydrated by keeping the recommended amount of water for the day with you and still manage to fit into your cupholders. 

10. Beauty Blender Washing Machine

TikTok has been going crazy over these beauty blender washing machines that eliminates any old makeup or stains in the cutest way possible. The compact product fits a single blender and cleans it with just a few pumps of soap. Not only is this one of the most affordable and convenient TikTok products, the mini washing machine design makes our hearts so happy. 

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