Strawberry Flavored Gel Refill Limited Edition

Limited Edition Strawberry-Flavored Teeth Whitening Gel Refill

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When you run out of the gel that comes with your Novashine teeth whitening kit, don’t fret! You can keep doing your teeth whitening routine by purchasing a refill. And not just any refill either. We’ve made teeth whitening even more pleasant for you with our limited-edition strawberry-flavored gel refill!

Like our mint gel refill and the gels that come with your kit, our strawberry gel refill is formulated with dentist grade peroxide gel that corrects discoloration in the teeth caused by the food and drinks you consume. Though our regular gel tastes good, we’ve added a strawberry flavor to make your teeth whitening experience even better!

Don’t forget that our flavored teeth whitening gels work best with our mouthpiece! The LED light in the mouthpiece helps make your teeth up to 5x whiter compared to just using the gel. Your teeth will be noticeably lighter after just two 15-minute whitening sessions. Top up your teeth whitening gel supply today with our limited-edition strawberry flavored variety. Get one now before stocks run out!