Strawberry Flavored Gel Refill Limited Edition

Limited Edition Strawberry Flavored Gel Refill

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Here it is! 

We have been been getting asked left and right about when/if we will make a new gel refill flavor and after some months of research we are glad to announce we not only made it, but it's perfect! 

Our Strawberry Gel Refill features the exact same formula as our Mint Gel Refills. However, for this formula we went above and beyond to make sure the flavor is nothing short of amazing! It's sweet, sour, and tangy just like Strawberry Candy!:) 

There is a catch though, we only made a very limited batch of this Strawberry Flavored Gel and once it is gone we do not know when we will bring it back. 

This opportunity is limited, so we do invite you to be one of the firsts to try our new gel while it's here! :)

You're going to love it:)

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