The Novashine Story

Humble Beginnings

In 2017, Novashine was created by three University of Missouri graduates trying to discover the missing link in teeth whitening products. Our founding trio recognized that people were facing significant problems with widely available teeth whitening options. Professional teeth whitening treatments were too expensive and could cause sensitivity, while at home products were faulty and inconsistent. They began working tirelessly to find a solution. After one full year of research, Novashine designed and formulated a teeth whitening kit that was the best in the industry.

The Novashine Difference

In order to give people the results they deserved, Novashine created a truly unique teeth whitening system. Our kit was found to work 8 times faster than other leading products, causing little to no sensitivity and cutting treatment times from 1 hour to as little as 10 minutes. With the help of our range of teeth whitening products, we are able to guarantee perfect results 100% of the time!


Our Goal

At Novashine, we strive toward making the world brighter, one smile at a time. We want to change the way you whiten, making a bright smile more accessible and comfortable for everyone. Confidence can shine through a smile, and we hope to make yours brighter than ever!

Our Novashine family 

We’ve sent our kit across the U.S., adding new members to our Novashine family each day! We began with 4 followers and grew into the 171,000 strong family we have today. We value the community we’ve built and are dedicated to growing with you in your teeth whitening journey!


Here’s to a brighter you!

Together, we can create a brighter you! All families thrive on smiles and we’d love to add one more to ours! From our kit to our facemask, our pen and our toothpaste, we’re always growing and always thinking of what’s next. We’re so excited to have you along for the ride!

Novashine is dedicated to results and stands by every product we sell. If there is any issue, we will fix it. Our customers are our number one priority, and we believe in bringing brighter smiles to everyone!

Here's to a brighter you,