Top 10 Valentine's Gift For That Special Someone

Top 10 Valentine's Gift For That Special Someone

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1. Chocolate

A classic for this Valentine's holiday. In some cases all your significant other wants is a sweet treat and  a heartfelt card to go with it! If you’re looking to put a little more effort in though, there are plenty of other routes you can take.


2. Novashine Teeth Whitening Products

Give the gift of whiter teeth to that special someone/ Novashine has many whitening products that are a great addition to your self care routine. 


3. New snuggly blanket

 Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter and that means you're gonna have to bundle up! 


4. Massage Gift Card

Life can be very stressful and the gift of relaxation can be the perfect thing for your partner. 


5. A card made by you

Homemade comes straight from the heart and that can mean a lot. Writing them a sweet message really shows them your feelings more than what a cheesy card can express.


6. Jewelry

The gift of a little bling is always exciting! 


7. Tickets to go see a movie/movie bucket

Date night to go see a movie is a fun and romantic thing to do. If you wanna take it a step up, make a full movie basket full of popcorn, candy, and tickets to the movies! 


8. A new mug and coffee gift card

There are great themed mugs for Valentine's all over the place right now! A great way to step this gift up is to add their favorite hot chocolate or a gift card for their favorite coffee shop.


9. Something in their favorite color

You can get really creative with this option and get plenty of different things in their favorite color. Food, clothes, candy, and anything else you can find! 


10. Make something from scratch! (paint something, learn how to crochet)

Time to bust out your arts and crafts skills for this gift! If being crafty isn't your strong suit, start with something simple like a paint by numbers or photo montage. 

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