Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

Is LED Teeth Whitening safe? 

When instructions are followed correctly, at-home LED teeth whitening is a safe and effective method to brighten your smile. Correctly applying the provided whitening gel and adhering to recommended usage times minimizes the risk of adverse effects.

When can I expect results? 

You'll have noticeably whiter teeth after only one use! For best results, it's recommended to use for 5 days, between 10-20 minutes each session.

Will it cause sensitivity? 

Everybody's teeth are different, but Novashine's Whitening Gel is formulated with Potassium Nitrate. This compound reduces sensitivty by blocking pain signals, and giving you a more comfortable whitening experience. 

What is in the Teeth Whitening Gel? 

Check out The Science page to see how we make our Whitening Gel! 

Can I use the Teeth Whitening Kit if I have braces or veneers? 

No, we do not recommend using our Whitening Kit with braces or veneers. Contact your dentist for alternatives. 

What happens if the LED light burns out? 

Our LED Teeth Whitening Kit has a lifetime warranty! Email us at and we will send you a replacement.

Payment & Delivery

What forms of payment does Novashine accept? 

All accepted forms of payment are listed at the bottom of the page! 

How do I use discount codes? 
At checkout, type in the Discount Code box to apply the discount! 
Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, we ship internationally! 

How do I check my order status? 
You can track your package with the tracking number provided in your email! 
When can I expect my package? 
Products are typically shipped within 3-5 business days. 
What do I do if my order never arrived? 

Contact if you encounter any issues with shipment!