Mint Teeth Whitening Gel

Teeth Whitening Gel
Teeth Whitening Gel Refill  - Opened
Teeth Whitening Gel - Mint
Mint Teeth Whitening Gel

Mint Teeth Whitening Gel

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Don’t fret if you’ve used up both tubes of the peroxide-based teeth whitening gel that comes with the Novashine’s Teeth Whitening Kit! You can still get teeth whitening gels right here.

The teeth whitening gel used in tandem with the LED mouthpiece is a dental-grade product that lifts the discoloration from your teeth. It effectively does its job thanks to the hydrogen peroxide in its formulation. This perfectly safe and natural bleaching agent works to whiten your teeth in a much shorter amount of time compared to regular toothpaste.

Unlike other instant teeth whitening products, this peroxide-based teeth whitening gel tastes amazing! It comes in three delicious flavors. Apart from the classic mint, you can buy teeth whitening gels in strawberry and watermelon variants. With these flavor options, your teeth whitening routine each night will never get boring!

What’s more, not only is this gel an effective teeth whitening product, but it’s also formulated with ingredients that reduce tooth sensitivity. You don’t have to worry about that first sip of hot coffee or a bite of a popsicle when you use the Novashine teeth whitening gel kit.

Best used with the LED light mouthpiece, this gel’s teeth whitening power becomes 5x stronger, giving you 5x whiter teeth! Even better? You can carry both the gel and the LED mouthpiece in your purse, allowing you to whiten your teeth wherever you are.

Haven’t tried our Teeth Whitening Kit yet? Check it out here. And for a more portable option, you can go for the Teeth Whitening Pen instead.

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Additional Document: Novashine MSDS

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