Novashine Teeth Whitening Kit
NovaShine Teeth Whitening Kit White 3
Novashine Teeth Whitening Kit
Novashine Teeth Whitening Kit
Novashine Teeth Whitening Kit
Novashine Teeth Whitening Kit

Novashine Teeth Whitening Kit

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Novashine® Teeth Whitening Kit comes with everything you need to restore your natural bright smile. This #1 rated professional teeth whitening system is specially formulated to whiten teeth quickly and effectively without causing major tooth sensitivity. The system’s peroxide based gel removes tooth discoloration caused by stain-causing food and beverages, as well as tobacco product in 2-3 treatments and up to 15 years worth of stains in 5-6.

The included LED light mouthpiece enhances the whitening 5X than whitening gel alone. Our mouthpiece is designed to be portable and can be connected to your cell phone, laptop, or anything with a USB port. No battery or charger is needed!

Our kit comes with two 5 ml whitening gel which is enough for 10 whitening sessions. Our patented teeth whitening formula requires minimal use for maximum results. Usually 5-7 sessions are enough to restore your natural bright smile and you can use the rest of the gel to do touch up treatments. If you run out of gel, you can purchase a refill pack here.

Kit Includes: Two 5 ml whitening gel, teeth shade guide, instruction guide, mouthpiece, micro-USB adapter (Compatible with most iPhones, computer USB port, charge cube and most Android phones)

How To Use:

1. Before whitening, rinse your mouth or gently brush teeth.

2. Apply whitening gel to the upper and lower walls of the mouthpiece (do not place gel on the part you bite down on), making sure it is about 1 mm thick.

3. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and bite down lightly. The whitening gel should make contact with your teeth evenly. You can also directly apply whitening gel to your teeth using a swab.

4. Connect the mouthpiece to the USB attachment, choose the correct USB, and connect to your device. You should see the mouthpiece light up. Relax for 10 minutes. For maximum results, use light for up to 30 minutes.

5. After these steps, remove the mouthpiece and rinse your mouth and the mouthpiece.

6. For even faster results, whiten multiple times a day as long as no sensitivity occurs.

Want to learn more about the kit? Go to The Difference page.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

2-Year Warranty

No Sensitivity

Additional Document: Novashine MSDS

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