Best Teeth Whitening Options for Summer

Best Teeth Whitening Options for Summer

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With COVID-19 regulations lifting around the U.S., we are all determined to move back outdoors for the summer. Days at the lake, summer concerts, and baseball games are all at the forefront of our minds. Sometime soon, self-care such as your teeth whitening regime may get lost in the blur of summer vacation. However, teeth whitening doesn’t just have to be limited to your home: you can take it with you all summer! Novashine provides multiple teeth whitening options to fit your summer needs. Whether you’re a homebody, an adventurer, or someone a bit in between, there’s a product that will keep your teeth brighter than the summer sun. 

How can I keep my teeth white when I’m away from home?

The Novashine Portable Teeth Whitening Pen is the perfect teeth whitening solution to keeping your teeth dazzling while traveling any distance from home. For those familiar with our Professional Teeth Whitening Kit, each kit comes with a peroxide-based gel that will help lift embedded stains from your teeth, especially when paired with our blue-light mouthpiece. The Portable Teeth Whitening Pen uses this same effective formula, but ramps up the convenience for teeth whitening with an easy dispenser at the tip.

Why should I use the Novashine Portable Teeth Whitening Pen this summer?

  1. Compact, portable size

This teeth whitening pen is small while keeping its teeth whitening power. Its’ size makes it easy to take on any adventure. Ladies will find room for this pen in their jean short pockets, in beach bags, or even in a purse for date night. The guys might bring theirs along in their gym bag, put them in their khaki shorts, or bring it along to a baseball game. It can truly go anywhere, anytime.

  1. Retractable precision tip

The retractable precision tips make sure you’ll get all the stains off your teeth in a pinch. You can use the pen after sipping a latte at your favorite coffee shop or in your car before meeting your partner for date night. Simply put: the summer doesn’t stop when your chompers get dull.

  1. Peroxide based Gel

Our teeth whitening pen uses peroxide-based gel to whiten dull teeth quickly, and all of our products allow you to choose exactly how much gel you would like to use! It’s the perfect way to avoid the teeth sensitivity that prevents you from enjoying cold summer treats like ice cream. 

If you’re worried about the process, we outlined how to whiten on-the-go down below! 

  1. Ideally, find a bathroom. There you can rinse your mouth or gently brush your teeth to get rid of surface plaque. (In a pinch, swishing water from a water bottle works too!) 

  2. Then, remove the pen cap and twist the bottom of the pen until you hear a click. Twist until you see the peroxide gel coming out of the tip of the brush. 

  3. Using the precision tip, brush the gel onto the front of your teeth. During this step, it may help to use a mirror or a front facing camera! 

  4. If you have the LED mouthpiece with you, plug it into your phone and put the mouthpiece in for 10-30 minutes. If you left the mouthpiece at home or just elected not to buy one, simply relax for 10 minutes.

  5. As soon as time is up, rinse out whatever gel remains in your mouth and spit!

  6. Smile! Show off the brighter you this summer! 


What if I would rather just do my teeth whitening at home? 

Some people would rather just whiten their teeth at home, where you’re positive that no one is watching. The Novashine Professional Teeth Whitening Kit is the perfect fit for those who shine in secret! Each kit comes with an LED mouthpiece, an adapter that plugs into most devices, two tubes of whitening gel, and a drawstring bag to store each piece in. This kit is perfect for people who love to spend their summer nights in! The mouthpiece plugs into laptops and phones, making it easy to whiten while you scroll through TikTok or binge that new show that everyone is talking about. 

On the other hand, the little bag that the kit comes with makes it super easy to travel with all the pieces. Once in the bag, you can fit the entire kit in your suitcase or carry-on bag! Whether you’re just taking an overnight trip or jetting off thousands of miles from home, you can still have everything you need to keep up your whitening routine from your hotel room! Plus, who doesn’t want to look their best in their vacation photos? 


What if I don’t like teeth whitening gel at all? 

Great question! This is where our Natural Teeth Whitening Toothpaste would come in. Not everyone wants to add an extra step to their nightly routine in order to keep their teeth white, especially after having a long day. 

Brushing your teeth is already an essential step to personal hygiene. Your packing list for every vacation or night trip has always included a tube of toothpaste. By just replacing your old tube of toothpaste with our natural whitening toothpaste, you combine your hygiene routine with a whitening routine! Plus, it uses 100% natural ingredients such as organic mint, coconut oil and tea tree oil! 

Are you ready to add a Novashine product to your suitcase? Novashine offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and free shipping on all orders in the USA! First time customers get 10% off their first order!


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