Gift Ideas for Him AND Her Based on Their Love Language

Gift Ideas for Him AND Her Based on Their Love Language

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Let me just start off by saying that we have ALL been there. Regardless of if you start thinking in advance or the night of, sometimes we are just stuck on what to get a person for an occasion. 'Will he like this?', 'Will she use this?', 'What is something within my budget?' are all extremely valid questions you may have asked yourself before searching or purchasing a gift. What if I told you I had the perfect gift ideas for him AND her based on their love language? 

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, this may be the list you need... talk about some perfect Valentine's Day gifts!!!!!!

Incase you need to be caught up to speed, the 5 love languages were conceptualized by a marriage counselor named Gary Chapman. He was even thoughtful enough to create an entire book capturing his concept and breaking it all down. Here is a break down of the 5 love languages Chapman talks about:

Words of Affirmation- this love language has to do with your words and how you verbally connect to someone. Someone with a love language of words of affirmation appreciate when you compliment them and directly communicate how you appreciate them. 

Receiving Gifts- this love language has to do with the gifts you receive. This love language isn't about materialistic items, but more-so the concept that you put thought and effort into gifts given to this person. Someone with a love language of receiving gifts wants to see how much effort you put and not necessarily how much money you spend.

Acts of Service- this love language has to do with giving a helping hand. Someone with a love language of acts of service appreciate when you take a brick of their shoulders, whatever that may be for that person. They feel appreciated when your actions take a load off of their to-do list. 

Quality Time- this love language has to do with the time you spend with someone. Someone with a love language of quality time appreciates when you are able to give them undivided attention. They feel appreciated when you are able to give up your time to spend it with them in a way that matters.

Physical Touch- this love language has to do with your actions and how you physically connect with someone. This love language can be extremely platonic! Someone with a love language of physical touch would appreciate the little things such as being sat next to or receiving a high five.

With the 5 love languages in mind, lets jump into the gift ideas!

Words of Affirmation Gift Ideas

  • nothing says words of affirmation like being able to DIY something with your own personal engraving! Getting matching Converse is a cute and stylish idea for anyone! Not only are you able to pick through various features such as wanting low or high tops, style, and sole size, but you can also add your own personal touch by adding typed out words on side or back of the shoe. If that isn't personal enough, you can always take a needle and thread a cute design on the shoe!
  • another simple, yet easy, idea is to write a letter. A letter can make a huge impact with a personal touch on any gift. No need to stress over how long or short the letter is, those with this love language will just be excited to visually see how much you appreciate them!

Photo of Person Wearing Converse All Star Sneakers

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Receiving Gifts Gift Ideas

  • want a gift idea that not only shows you care but also shows you want to spend time with them? A couples teeth whitening kit is the perfect way to go! This gift idea holds a great amount of value as we all want to take care of our dental hygiene! A teeth whitening kit will surely have your partner smiling, and after use, that smile will just be even brighter :)
  • FLOWERS! As mentioned earlier, receiving gifts doesn't have to be a materialistic concept. Instead, the person will value any sort of notion that shows you THOUGHT of them! Flowers are such a simple concept that will have anyone smiling for days! 

Acts of Service Gift Ideas

  • do something that will make their day easier. A great example of this is making breakfast in bed or taking care of dinner! This idea can be played up or played down based on the relationship you hold with this person. Adding candles or flowers to the table is an easy was the spice up the scene and make it aesthetic! 
  • come up with things to do for the night just for them. Plan out ordering their favorite food or making it yourself, picking out a movie you know they will enjoy, having a self-care night, etc! Create a night just about them FOR them! 

Quality Time Gift Ideas

  • time for a self-care night! Pick your favorite movie or tv show and throw on a face mask! A Matcha Mud Mask is the perfect face mask if you want your skin to feel fresh and rejuvenated! Taking cute selfies is also a must! Bonding over face masks and a great movie sounds like a perfect night to me! 
  • two words: DIY sweatshirts. These have been the hype lately as everyone has been tapping into their creative side. Most craft stores sell different colored sweatshirts and hoodies for you to choose from. Then, find some fun patches that you can iron on! Feel free to go wild on your own design or find a concept to match with!

Physical Touch Gift Ideas

  • know something just as good as snuggling up with someone? Using a weighted blanket when that someone is gone! Weighted blankets are the perfect gift for those that enjoy the extra comfort of having another person near by! Plus, it totally comes in handy when the weather gets cold outside and you need that extra layer of heat!
  • sometimes a gift doesn't have to be as complex as you may think! A bath kit is the perfect gift for someone with a physical touch love language. Make a trip to your local Target, throw a few bath bombs, bath salts, and anything else you think they will find relaxing! Bonus points if you give them a back massage before their night of relaxation. Oh, and don't forget the mud mask!

With all of that knowledge, you are bound to find the perfect gift idea for him AND her based on their love language! <3

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