How Do I Get a Celebrity Smile?

How Do I Get a Celebrity Smile?

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We’ve all seen someone smile and light up a room with how bright their teeth are. Maybe it was in a movie or TV show, or maybe it was just someone on TikTok! Regardless, a celebrity smile makes us think twice about our own pearly whites and wonder: How did they do it? 

Notably White Celebrity Smiles

Kendall Jenner 

Known for Keeping Up With the Kardashians as well as her modeling career, Kendall Jenner's smile stands out from the rest. Her smile lights up a runway and leaves all of us wanting a celebrity smile. 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dwayne the Rock Johnson is beloved for his acting roles and WWE career. We also love him for the pearly whites he rocks on a daily basis. 

Blake Lively 

Blake Lively was the star of Gossip Girl and so was her bright, white smile! This celebrity smile is often shown on red carpets. 

Addison Rae

Addison Rae shines on TikTok daily and so do her teeth! This celebrity smile is blindingly white as it flashes on phone screens across the world!


How do they do it? 

Whitening Treatments

Bleaching treatments is the most common way actors, models, and entertainment personalities get their celebrity smiles. While many celebrities don’t share how they get their teeth so white, it can be done in one of two ways: in-office dental treatments or at-home whitening kits. 

With their busy schedules, it could be possible that these celebrities use at-home whitening kits! They would typically want a high percentage of a bleaching agent (ex: hydrogen peroxide) to allow them to whiten their teeth quickly.


Smile Tip: Novashine’s Teeth Whitening Kit is 6%, higher than the average whitening strips.


The Novashine Teeth Whitening Kit can help you get a celebrity smile.


Electric toothbrushes 

Celebrities are totally willing to splurge on an electric toothbrush rather than buy a cheap manual brush. Manual brushes rely fully on the way you brush, while the electric brushes do most of the work for you. The brush speeds help remove those surface stains quickly and easily, helping speed along whitening results. Plus, an electric brush with a long battery life can survive long trips celebrities take for special events, photo shoots, and filming on location.


Smile tip: Novashines’ Sonic Toothbrush has 5 cleaning speeds and a 20 day battery life.




While veneers aren’t recommended for most, some celebrities take the leap and get a set of veneers for their celebrity smile. This technique involves shaving down your existing enamel to nubs and capping them with dental porcelain. This results in an unnaturally white smile (think Simon Cowell, a notable celebrity smile made up of veneers). 


However, there are a lot of cons to veneers. The procedure is irreversible and often painful. In addition to this, the color of veneers is permanent. The porcelain material is hard to stain but cannot be whitened, so the color must be chosen carefully if celebrities want it to appear natural. Adding on the cost of maintenance plus replacing the veneers, veneers are the most expensive way to get a white smile. 

Novashine’s Celebrity Smile Tips For Non-Celebs

Start a whitening routine

Invest in a whitening kit and stick with it for that celebrity smile! Whitening products are never permanent due to dietary choices, but making it a part of your self-care routine makes it easy to erase stains developed over time. For our kit, we recommend using it 5 times within the first week of receiving the kit to maximize results, then switching to once a week for maintenance.


Add other whitening products to your daily routine.

Bleaching products such as the Novashine Teeth Whitening Kit can only go so far without a little help! While our kit is effective when used consistently, other whitening products in your daily routine make it easy to maintain results! We recommend replacing your old tube of toothpaste with the Novashine Teeth Whitening Toothpaste and trying out the Novashine Teeth Whitening Mouthwash after meals!

Be smart about staining food and beverages 

While you don’t have to cut out your favorite cup of coffee or pasta sauce, being mindful of how they stain your teeth goes a long way! You can implement little tricks or frequent brushing to prevent those stains from sticking. 

For example, celebrities are often seen grabbing their daily coffee with a handy straw (Ben Affleck is often seen with an iced coffee). This helps the beverage avoid their teeth and look red carpet ready! 

Conclusion: Celebrity smiles take work

Getting that red-carpet grin doesn’t happen overnight. It takes investing in reliable whitening products and sticking with them to get to your best and brightest. Novashine can get you there, affordably and easily! 

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