How to Prepare for the Career Fair

How to Prepare for the Career Fair

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Are you a college student gearing up for the upcoming career fair this fall? Landing that dream job or internship starts with a great first impression. One way to boost your confidence and make a memorable impact is by flashing a bright and confident smile. In this article, we'll provide you with essential tips to prepare for the career fair, and we'll also discuss how having a white smile can play a crucial role in leaving a lasting impression.


  • Before the career fair, research the companies attending. There are sure to be plenty, and you may not have time to talk to all of them. Figure out which ones you're most interested in and make sure to find them first!

Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

  • An elevator pitch is a concise, 30-60 second introduction about yourself. It should highlight your unique qualities, skills, and what you're looking for in a career
  • Craft multiple versions of your pitch to tailor them to different employers or industries you're interested in.

 Bring Your Resume and Portfolio

  • Create a well-organized and error-free resume that showcases your education, work experience, and relevant skills.
  • You can visit your school's career center for helpful tips and feedback!
  • Have multiple copies of your resume to give to recruiters. You won't be able to share everything in your elevator pitch. 

Practice Interview Questions

  • Familiarize yourself with common interview questions and formulate concise, compelling responses.
  • Practice with a friend or through mock interviews available at your university to refine your answers and delivery

Visit Novashine for a Confident Smile

  • A white smile can exude confidence and make a strong impression. Consider using Novashine's LED Teeth Whitening Kit to achieve a brighter smile before the career fair.
  • Our kit shows results in only one use and can whiten up to ten shades in 5 uses. That's under one week! 
  • Novashine's LED Teeth Whitening Kit is a convenient and effective solution for whitening your teeth, helping you feel more self-assured during interviews and networking. Check it out here!

 Networking is Key

  • Attend networking events and informational sessions leading up to the career fair to connect with recruiters and gain insights into company cultures.
  • During the career fair, engage in meaningful conversations with recruiters and fellow students to build your professional network while dazzling with your pearly whites. 

 Follow Up After the Event

  • Send personalized thank-you emails to recruiters and company representatives you spoke with, expressing your gratitude for their time and interest in your candidacy.
  • Reiterate your qualifications and your continued interest in their company. This demonstrates professionalism and keeps you on their radar.

Consider Novashine's On-the-Go Whitening Pen

  • To maintain a bright smile while navigating the busy career fair and beyond, carry Novashine's On-the-Go Whitening Pen with you.
  • This portable pen is perfect for quick touch-ups, ensuring your smile stays radiant throughout the event and during post-event interviews [Learn more here]


Remember, making a great first impression at the career fair can set you on the path to success. By following these tips and maintaining a confident, white smile with Novashine's products, you'll be well-prepared to seize those career opportunities.

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