How to Prevent Tea Stains on Teeth?

How to Prevent Tea Stains on Teeth?

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Coffee is known to leave stains on your teeth, but most people don't know that tea does that too! 

Did You Know... 

In the last few years the amount of people who identified as tea drinkers has significantly increased at a steady pace. While there are still many people who drink coffee, studies have shown that tea consumption is continuously increasing and is expected to grow three times as much as coffee consumption. On top of that, tea actually has an even higher chance of staining your teeth because of the higher tannin content it has compared to coffee. Roasted coffee has around 1.8%, where tea contains around 3.7%.

How do you Prevent Tea Stains on Teeth then? 

If you are an active tea drinker but still want to have a shiny white smile, we are here to help you figure that out! 

For starters, keeping good basic oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice daily is very important! You can use Ultrasonic whitening toothbrushes and also use teeth whitening toothpastes like the ones we have here at Novashine to give yourself an extra boost! 

Another thing to do is to drink your tea through a straw so you are sipping on it and not letting the tea be directly on the surface of your teeth. You can also add some milk in your tea while drinking it to dilute the heavy concentration of tannin. 

If you are able to rinse your mouth with water or a mouthwash after you drink tea, that is a great way of preventing stains as well because you are not leaving the tannin in the tea to be left on your teeth! Our natural teeth whitening mouthwash is a great option and tastes like sweet melon too! 

Finally, having a regular teeth whitening routine will prevent stains and help you maintain your pearly white teeth a lot! The hydrogen peroxide in Novashine’s dental grade teeth whitening kit is perfect for lifting stains and giving you a bright smile! 

Thanks for Reading!

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