How to Throw the Best Graduation Party

How to Throw the Best Graduation Party

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Are you excited to graduate and finally be done with school (at least for a while)? Graduation is a very big day in most people's lives. If you are graduating from high school, it is time to say goodbye to your friends and teachers before you go your separate ways. If you are graduating from college, it is time to say goodbye to your teenage and early adult years and start a new chapter in your life. We at Novashine want you to have the best graduation party ever! Follow along with us during this blog post to get the BEST tips ever on how to throw the best graduation party. 

Throw the best graduation party:

There are a few key components that should be perfect for you to be able to throw the best graduation party ever. The first one is self-confidence, the second one is good materials, and the third one is food and drinks.

1. Self-Confidence 

To throw the best graduation party ever it is important to be satisfied with your own looks. Your self-confidence should be high and you should feel sexy, hot, and comfortable. Below is a list of how to get the highest self-confidence before throwing your graduation party. 

  • Clothing, make sure to wear a sexy and cute dress that you feel comfortable wearing. Below is a list of good websites where you can find sexy and cute graduation dresses at an affordable price. 



    If you wish to shop for a dress in person, Windsor has some cute graduation dresses as well!

  • Hair & Makeup, don't experiment with hair and makeup on your graduation day. Either do something you are familiar with or hire someone to help you. If you want to go with a more complicated look, practice a few times before your graduation day.

  • Do a little extra, a day or a week before graduation make sure to treat yourself a little extra. Do a self-tan or spray tan, do your nails, whiten your teeth, etc. Below is a list of the best self-tan and teeth whitening products. 

Self-Tan Products: 

Recommended Tanning Products

Link to Tanologist:

Link to Bondi Sands:

Teeth Whitening Kit: 

Link to Novashine Teeth Whitening Kit:

2. Good Materials 

To throw the best graduation party it is also important to have a good location, nice decorations, good speakers and music, etc. You want your graduation party to follow the same theme and to reflect both you and your personality. Tips: Have a color theme and use your favorite color!

  • Location, it is important to have a location that fits all your guests. You don't want your location to be too big or too small. Some good ideas of locations are inside your house, in your backyard, or in a park close to your home or school. 

  • Decorations, when it comes to decorations it is important to follow a theme. Pick your two or three favorite colors and stick with those colors. An option for a graduation party is to go with black, gold, and white. Decorations are a very big factor when it comes to a successful graduation party, you want your guest to walk into a party, not a normal get-together. Decorations can help people get in the mood for your graduation party. Have a photo booth, balloons, graduation signs, confetti, etc. Below is a list of good stores where you can buy decorations. 


  • Speaker & Music, to throw the best graduation party it is important to have a good playlist and good speakers, you want all your guests to be in a party mood. Make sure to make a good playlist before your graduation party that the majority of all guests will like. 

3. Food & Drinks

To throw the best graduation party it is important that you offer your guests good food and drinks. Just like with materials you want to have a theme when it comes to food and drinks as well. Make sure to not have too many options and keep it consistent. Decide if you want to serve appetizers, Italian, American food, etc., and keep that theme. Try to have the same theme for both food and drinks. 

Below is a list of different food options for your graduation party. 

  • Appetizers
  • Italian 
  • American 
  • Mexican
  • BBQ
  • Color theme (Only serve foods that are pink, etc.) 
  • Sports theme (Only serve foods connected to your favorite sport)

Throw the best graduation partySource: Pixabay

To throw the best graduation party it is important that you plan ahead, we want everything to be perfect so you can throw a good graduation party together with your family and friends. Reminder! Make sure that you are comfortable in your outfit, hair, and makeup so you can be calm and relaxed. Lastly, try to prepare all foods, drinks, and decorations the day before graduation so you don't have to stress about that on your graduation day. 

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