How To Use Our LED Teeth Whitening Light

How To Use Our LED Teeth Whitening Light

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So you want to use a teeth whitening light with LED technology to whiten your teeth? That’s great news! You are already ahead of people who are still searching for the best methods to whiten their teeth! 

While many people continue to search the market for an effective way to brighten their smile, you have already figured out that a teeth whitening light, especially LED, is the best way to go. We have done some research and noticed that here are the most common methods on how people like to whiten their teeth, we even made a whole blog about it! (check out blog at )  

Why Teeth whitening light? 

Our research shows the most common ways of whitening your teeth besides using an LED teeth whitening light are either at a dental office, using tray whiteners, whitestrips, or DIY remedies. However, it also has already shown that DIY remedies and whitening strips do not work as effectively and take way too long to show any results. 

The use of an LED light is very effective because the blue light is able to speed up the process of the hydrogen peroxide working on your teeth, which is why dental offices use them as well. Unfortunately, they charge a lot more at dental offices, and the high concentration of hydrogen peroxide causes much more teeth sensitivity. 

This is why Novashine has made it our mission to provide you with the most effective, least sensitive way of whitening your teeth. We combined our scientifically, cruelty-free,  formed gel that is 6% hydrogen peroxide with an LED teeth whitening light to create the best teeth whitening results possible! 

How do you use the Teeth Whitening Light? 

One of our most asked questions is how to use our teeth whitening light to gain maximum results with our award winning teeth whitening kit, Which goes hand in hand with another question we get asked a lot “How do you use the teeth whitening gel?” 

Well, you have come to the right place to get these questions answered! 

For the gel and the light, we found out that they work best when they are used together! We typically suggest putting the gel along the inner walls of the mouthpiece before putting the mouthpiece in your mouth and turning it on to activate it! 

How much gel should I use? 

We definitely suggest applying a generous amount of gel inside the mouthpiece because the kit and refills come with 2 gels inside, and the 2 gels are meant to last only 8-10 sessions! If you closely on the sides of your gel syringe, we also included markers to indicate how much gel is inside. We usually suggest applying enough gel inside the mouthpiece so that it is 1 mm thick.

I feel like the gel on the mouthpiece doesn’t do anything, why am I not seeing results? 

With everyone’s mouth coming in different shapes and sizes, it is definitely possible for the walls of the mouthpiece to not touch the surface of your teeth. That could lead to the gel not working to its maximum potential! The trick we offer many customers is to apply the gel directly onto their teeth by using a Q-tip, that way the gel will be evenly distributed onto the teeth and you can then put the mouthpiece in and turn on the LED blue light to speed up our 6% hydrogen peroxide formula!

How do I clean the mouthpiece?

Our customers all want their Novashine to last as long as possible so they can maintain their pearly white smile for as long as they can! They know they should clean the mouthpiece after every session so that the light can work its best every time but they do not necessarily know how. Like our instructions have stated, the best way to clean the light is to simply run the light (careful of the adapters and the wires!) under cold water to rinse off the rest of the gel residue. Then you can either leave it out to air dry overnight. 

How do I store my Novashine? 

The gels and the mouthpiece are usually suggested to be stored separately because the gel needs to be refrigerated at a cool temperature (please do not freeze it). But the LED light mouthpiece and the adapter can simply be stored somewhere out of the sun. The kit comes with a handy storage bag that many customers find very convenient to store and put away their Novashine till their next session! 

What if my LED light stops working? 

Our adapter is designed to fit into any type of phone on the market so that should not be a problem! However, there are some newer phone models that seem to be having problems with our LED mouthpiece, so if that happens to you please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will get you all the help you need! 

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