10 Tips for Acing your First Interview after College

10 Tips for Acing your First Interview after College

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You finally did it! You made the walk, got your diploma, and now you have to start applying to jobs, and jumpstarting your future career path. But first, you of course have to go to that dreaded interview before you get accepted into your dream job. Well not to worry, here at Novashine we have 10 super helpful tips to help you ace that first interview and land that perfect new job.

  1. Do your Research
    Look at the job description, check out what qualifications they look for in their employees, and think about how their company goals may line up with your skillset. Being able to know what the company wants, and what you can provide can help you make a compelling case for hiring you. Plus just knowing basic facts and the company history can impress the interviewers, and show commitment.

  2. Prepare Answers for Common Questions
    Once you know enough about the company in question, it’s smart to prepare some answers to common questions that you may be asked during the interview. This will help you prepare with smart, well composed answers beforehand instead of coming up with something on the spot. Occasionally companies even have some of their commonly asked questions posted on their website or social media somewhere, so make sure during your research to keep your eyes out for that information!

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  1. Practice Answering Questions Out Loud
    After writing down or thinking about some of the questions and answers you may be asked, grab a friend, significant other, roommate, or even a parent and ask them to give you a mock interview, so you can get used to the back and forth of an interview scenario, and better mentally prepare for the real deal. Some colleges and universities have career services like mock interviews for current students and alumni, so see if you are able to set something up through them. This part is super important, and should help make the process less stressful and more familiar to you.

  1. Come Up with your Own Questions
    It comes off really well with future employers if you are able to ask smart, informed, and relevant questions about the position. Usually this will take place near the end of the interview, and most people say something like “Nope, I think you covered everything!” but if you are able to put your research to use and ask some memorable questions, it may help you stand out from the other job candidates.

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  1. Review your Resume and Cover Letter
    You should at this point have a pretty good resume and cover letter set up, but personalizing your work experience, profile, and the content of your cover letter for your interview goes a long way in showing your future employers how committed and serious about this job you are.

  1. What are you Going to Wear?
    Prepare a professional and clean outfit the day before, and before you leave make sure one more time there are no holes or pet hair. This leaves an important first impression, especially if you are wearing smelly or dirty clothes. Also make sure to brush and whiten your teeth the night before and the day of using the Novashine toothpaste, Sonic Electric Toothbrush, and Whitening Kit. Having a bright smile and fresh breath will leave a lasting impression on your future employers, and with low prices and sales going on nearly year round, Novashine has the perfect products to help you freshen up before you head out! If you would like to take a look at the wide variety of products to help you land that interview you can click here to find the perfect products for you.

  1. Plan your Route Beforehand
    This seems like a given, but knowing where you are going, when you need to leave, and where to park are all extremely important in getting to your interview on time and unflustered. Do you drive yourself, or do you need to ask a friend for a ride? If you need to take public transportation, or get gas beforehand, you have to factor that into when you need to set out, and having to arrive at the location and find out you need a pass to park nearby could really mess up your schedule.

  1. RELAX!!!
    You’ve done all the work, you’re prepared, and you are ready to rock this thing, so do any breathing exercises, look at funny videos, or call a friend or family member before you head out to help calm you down. One of the biggest factors in whether an interviewer will hire you is your composure. Stuttering, sweat stains, and other nervous behavior will only make you seem like you can’t handle yourself in stressful situations. So chill out and treat it like a conversation, not an interrogation.

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  2. During the Interview

    When you get on site, make sure to be polite and respectful to everyone you meet, shaking hands and standing when anyone enters the room. When answering questions give straight answers, but also feel free to tell interesting or funny stories, asking questions, and making jokes. This shows your charisma, personability, and your ability to communicate through example, and always makes a good impression. Just remember not to ramble, speak over your interviewers, or make inappropriate jokes or comments.

  3. Make Sure to Follow Up
    Once your interview is over and you rocked their socks off, make sure to send an email or, even better, a handwritten letter politely letting them know that you enjoyed the interview and look forward to hearing back. This little touch goes a long way in helping you stand out from your fellow interviewees.

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    If these tips helped you to prepare for your interview, please let us know by using our contact page here, or email us at novashinesmile@gmail.com. Any pointers we missed? Also feel free to let us know and check out some of our teeth whitening products to help you prepare for the big interview!


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