Teeth Whitening Throughout History

Teeth Whitening Throughout History

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Have you ever wondered how long teeth whitening has been around? Well it’s longer than you might think! Throughout history, people have been using many methods to get to where we are today in terms of teeth whitening technology. Though we don’t recommend putting some of these methods to the test, here are some teeth whitening techniques throughout the ages according to the Seattle Times.

3000 B.C

In ancient times, there was not very much headway in technical advancements. If people wanted clean teeth, let alone whiter ones, they used what at the time were called chewing sticks. Just like how it sounds, they would take small twigs and chew on them to get rid of grime and food particles. Teeth whitening was not really an option, as there was not much that could be done. 

Ancient Egyptians and Romans

The Ancient Egyptians were the first ones to come up with a method for getting teeth whiter. At the time, and much like today, white teeth represented wealth and popularity. The Egyptians made a paste of pumice stone and wine vinegar. Although this was definitely not a very safe option for your teeth, as stone is far too abrasive for your teeth and the important layer of enamel they have. The Romans had a different approach, they used urine to whiten as it has levels of ammonia in it. This would be combined with goat's milk to make quite the interesting whitening combo.

The 1980s

Teeth Whitening didn't really become truly effective while being safe until the 80s. Before this time, it was common to use certain types of acid. This would often lead to erosion and would leave your teeth in awful shape. At first, peroxide was used as a treatment for gums. Once dentists started seeing the whitening effects it had, it became an extremely important ingredient in the modern teeth whitener. Once that was discovered, hydrogen peroxide became a pivotal whitening component. Whitening trays became all the rage in this decade, and it helped bring with it innovations such as whitening strips and gel. 

The modern age

Welcome back to the 21st century! With Novashine, we use modern methods that focus on keeping your teeth nice and white while still being safe. Our Teeth Whitening Kit uses modern technology to work on removing stains and keep your teeth healthy! With our 6% hydrogen peroxide formula, you get the amazing whitening effects without having to deal with any sensitivity! Modern technology such as our LED light mouthpiece works together with our whitening gel to fight stains more efficiently. And unlike the 80s, you can plug your whitening piece right into your smartphone to multitask as you whiten!

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