Teeth Whitening Kit - How To Get Rid Of Yellow Teeth

Teeth Whitening Kit - How To Get Rid Of Yellow Teeth

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Nobody wants yellow teeth. However, with all the different causes of tooth discoloration, yellow staining is inevitable and a common problem for most. Even just aging can naturally cause your teeth to yellow! But don’t worry, yellow teeth are totally preventable and there are important steps you can take in order to maintain a bright, white smile. By using a teeth whitening kit once a year, you'll be able to restore your teeth to their natural white color however that's not the only step you can take to maintain your bright smile.


The most important step to maintaining white teeth is establishing an oral care routine. Consistently brushing your teeth 2-3 times a day will prevent any plaque from building up and have the best control over stain causing foods and drinks, such as coffee, juice or tea. In addition to brushing, implementing flossing into your oral care routine is also very important to aiding a white smile and staying healthy. Dentists don’t just tell you to floss for fun! Tooth decay and gum disease can occur if plaque remains on your teeth, so flossing is essential for removing plaque buildup. 

To elevate your brushing routine, the American Dental Association recommends using an electric toothbrush for the deepest clean possible. Electric toothbrushes have better results with plaque removal as well as eliminating surface stains to overall tooth enamel. Additionally, scientists have found electronic toothbrush users to have healthier teeth and gums than manual toothbrush users. The Novashine Ultrasonic Whitening Toothbrush has over 36,800 sonic vibrations per minute, making it the best toothbrush for ridding your mouth of any plaque or surface stains. With over 5 different cleaning modes, 28 day battery life, and dupont bristles to prevent sensitivity, the Novashine Ultrasonic Toothbrush will provide you the best brushing experience possible. Already use an electric toothbrush? Make sure you are following ADA recommendations and replacing the bristles every 3 months to make sure they are still providing the deepest clean. 


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Although yellow teeth can also depend on genetic factors, the most common reasons for yellow teeth can be contributed to your diet. Drinks such as coffee, tea and alcohol can darken the outer layer of the teeth leaving behind yellow or even brown stains. Additionally, foods like beets, pickles, and super sugary snacks like candy can lead to unsightly yellow stains. Don’t panic, it’s not necessary to completely cut these out of your diet, but rather aim to limit these foods, try to use a straw when possible, or make sure you brush thoroughly after eating or drinking! 

Finding a safe whitening toothpaste can also be an essential part of stain prevention. Pairing a whitening toothpaste with an electric toothbrush is one of the most beneficial methods for whitening maintenance. That’s why Novashine created our Teeth Whitening Toothpaste. Formulated with calcium-carbonate, peppermint, coconut oil, and tea tree oil, our toothpaste gradually lifts surface stains and the naturally sourced ingredients protect from any sensitivity.

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All of the methods mentioned above are awesome for surface stains and gradual whitening maintenance, but what about the pesky internal stains caused by years of discoloration? The best way to see faster results and achieve visibly whiter teeth is by incorporating hydrogen peroxide based products into your whitening routine. Hydrogen peroxide is the most effective whitening agent on the market, and is widely used in dental office whitening treatments. However, these treatments can often be costly, time consuming, and hard to maintain. 

The Novashine Whitening Kit was created to solve these problems by providing dental-grade whitening at home for a fraction of the cost. Our Whitening Kit can eliminate up to 15 years of staining within just five to six 30 minute whitening sessions. However, whitening time can vary depending on the severity of your staining. Some users achieve whiter shades with just 10 minutes of use. On the brighter side, 98% of Novashine users experience little to no sensitivity when using our kit! What more can you ask for?

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Here at Novashine we love getting teeth white and we love making and design premium grade oral care products! If you ever have any questions about teeth whitening or oral care in general please don't hesitate to send a DM to us on Instagram @Novashinesmile or Email us at Business@novashinesmile.com we'd love to answer any and every question you might have!:)

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