Teeth Whitening With Sensitive Teeth

Teeth Whitening With Sensitive Teeth

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Ever experience discomfort in your teeth when you eat cold or hot foods? If so, you may have tooth sensitivity. If you have sensitive teeth, you may be nervous to try out teeth whitening kits. Here at Novashine, we create our products with the safest natural ingredients possible to make teeth whitening easy and painless so you can be confident in your smile.  

What causes sensitive teeth? 

Sensitive teeth are typically caused by worn down tooth enamel. Common causes can be brushing your teeth too hard, grinding your teeth at night, or regularly consuming acidic foods and beverages. Tooth discomfort can be caused by other factors as well like cavities, gum disease, or a cracked tooth. 

How to treat sensitive teeth? 

Use soft bristle toothbrushes and toothpastes without irritating ingredients. Choose a mouthwash that’s alcohol free to prevent aggravating your sensitive teeth. Novashine Teeth Whitening Mouthwash is free from fluoride, peroxide, alcohol, and dyes. Formulated using coconut oil, sea salt, and aloe vera, our mouthwash helps you achieve a whiter smile without any discomfort. 

Novashine Teeth Whitening Toothpaste is a great option too! Formulated using a blend of calcium-minerals that are gentle on your gums and enamel, our natural whitening toothpaste is perfect for people with sensitive teeth. Even though it’s gentle on your enamel, our toothpaste delivers a visibly whiter smile. If you don’t brush your teeth regularly, this can make tooth sensitivity worse

Can you whiten sensitive teeth? 

Sensitive teeth are safe to whiten, but can be irritated by hydrogen peroxide. Be sure to talk to your dentist about gum disease and possible cavities before you begin a whitening program. Most dental problems are treatable so you can begin to whiten your smile after possible oral health issues are taken care of. Our at home teeth whitening products can give you a brighter smile without causing sensitivity like whitening strips. Novashine Teeth Whitening Kit uses a LED light with teeth whitening gel formulated to whiten teeth quickly and remove discoloration without pain and discomfort. 


Tips for Whitening Sensitive Teeth

At home teeth whitening products are the safest way to whiten your sensitive teeth. You can adjust your teeth whitening duration in response to increased sensitivity to minimize discomfort. 

  • Use the teeth whitening kit less frequently, only 1 to 2 times per week 
  • Use the kit for less time each session. Using the kit for 10 to 15 minutes each session is enough to achieve a whiter smile. 
  • Brush frequently in small circles with our natural teeth whitening toothpaste.  Brush your teeth in small circular motions rather than side to side to help decrease sensitivity. Brushing using lukewarm water instead of cold water also helps decrease heightened sensitivity. 
  • Use our teeth whitening mouthwash to keep your teeth clean and white. 

What to do if you have sensitive teeth after whitening 

Even if you have strong enamel, it can be normal to experience sensitivity after any type of whitening treatment. 

  • Avoid foods that are cold in temperature. These tend to irritate already sensitive teeth. 
  • Brush your teeth right before whitening. Brushing after whitening can open pores of exposed dentin which can damage your enamel. 
  • Use a soft bristle brush. The Novashine Ultrasonic Whitening Toothbrush offers five different cleaning modes to fit different sensitivity levels. 
  • Take an anti-inflammatory agent  

Does Novashine Whitening kit cause sensitivity?

No! Novashine’s teeth whitening gel is formulated with desensitizing ingredients that cause much less sensitivity than other whitening products such as strips. Ninety nine percent of our users experience little to no sensitivity. Our whitening kit also offers the flexibility of how long and how much gel to use for each session and you can use it however suits your lifestyle! 

But don’t just take it from us, here is what customers with sensitive teeth have said about our teeth whitening kit with led light:


This is the best teeth whitening kit I’ve ever used. I have very sensitive teeth and when I use it it doesn’t hurt. You can see results after the first use. It’s amazing - Sophia Ellerberg 


This is probably the best teeth whitening kit I've ever used. It didn't make my teeth sensitive, it worked really fast, and it tasted pretty good. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs white teeth fast!  - Molley M 


This product works great! Usually my teeth are sensitive with teeth whitening products, but this kit didn't cause any sensitivity at all. I would highly recommend this to anyone who's like me and has sensitive teeth! - Kylee N 


Most teeth whiteners make my teeth sensitive so I was worried about trying this one! I was very surprised when my teeth weren't sensitive after using the kit. 10/10 recommend - Kendall A


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