The Secret Product Famous Tiktokers Use For White Teeth

The Secret Product Famous Tiktokers Use For White Teeth

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From comedic bits to make-up tips, TikTok is a place that is full of endless possibilities one could explore. There are so many different types of videos and personalities catered for every kind of individual. But despite the variation TikTok content creators offer, famous TikTokers all have a few things in common: passion, creativity, charisma, looks, and most importantly, a gorgeous smile. If you’ve ever wondered how everyone on your “For You” page seems to have a bright white smile that practically blinds you through the screen, look no further. It’s not a weird home remedy like rubbing a banana peel on your teeth or an expensive trip to the dentist that will put your bank account into the negatives. It’s actually Novashine!

How do they get such white teeth?

The Novashine Teeth Whitening Kit is an inexpensive and easy way to whiten your teeth that won’t make people wonder why you’re bringing a banana into the bathroom. The kit comes with an LED light mouthpiece and hydrogen peroxide gel that work together make your teeth whiter, faster. Novashine guarantees brighter teeth in just five uses! I know what you’re thinking, “That sounds great, but science is boring and I want to hear about my favorite TikTokers that use this product!” Agreed!


8 of your favorite TikTok stars that use Novashine to whiten their teeth:





17-year-old Derek Trendz (@derektrendz) gained popularity on TikTok in late 2019 for his comedy videos and good looks. No wonder he’s gained 3.6 million followers in less than a year. Derek uses the Novashine Teeth Whitening Kit for Him and definitely has the pearly whites to show for it! If people haven’t already fallen in love with his beautiful, curly locks, they’ll definitely fall in love with his perfect smile. 



Avani (@avani) is another one of the famous TikTokers that uses Novashine for her bright smile. She’s known for her dancing and creative halloween make-up looks, particularly her Harley-Quinn style clown look which skyrocketed her to fame and landed her the nickname “Clown Girl.” Avani was also a member of The Hype House social group, along with Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Addison Rae and Chase Hudson. As of October 2020, she has over 27 million followers and 1.9 billion likes. Thanks to Novashine, Avani’s teeth are so white it’s scary!






Identical twins Gabby (@gabbydalfonso) and Cecilia (@ceciliadalfonso) Dalfonso are known for their popular dancing videos and have a combined 754 thousand followers and 22 million likes. They’ve both been using Novashine since 2019. Even their stunning white teeth are identical! 






Madi Monroe (@madi) is an actress, singer, youtuber, dancer, and TikTok star. Since joining the app in 2018, Madi has gained over 11 million followers. Madi is known for her dancing videos and her amazing smile! Madi uses Novashine for her self-care nights!



14-year-old actress and TikToker Ava Justin (@avajustin) has been featured in several horror films and has gained almost one million followers on TikTok. Ava is known for her comedy videos and she even has her own makeup line! She is also known for loving Novashine! It’s not the camera that makes her teeth look 10 shades whiter!



Known for her dancing, makeup, and beauty video, Alisa (@itzalisachka) rose to fame on TikTok with over one million followers. Alisa has been using the Novashine Whitening Kit since 2019 and even uses the Natural Teeth Whitening Toothpaste and Matcha Mud Mask!



Lastly, we have Gabi Butler (@gabby_butler1617), an avid Novashine user since 2019! Gabi is an American cheerleader, YouTuber, and Tiktoker. She rose to fame after appearing in the popular Netflix docuseries, “Cheer.” As of October 2020, she has over 1.2 million followers and 23.6 million likes on Tik Tok. Her cheerleading skills aren’t the only thing that shines bright during her competitions. 


Thanks for reading! 


Here at Novashine we love getting teeth white and we love making and design premium grade oral care products! If you ever have any questions about teeth whitening or oral care in general please don't hesitate to send a DM to us on Instagram @Novashinesmile or Email us at we'd love to answer any and every question you might have!:)

- Novashine Team


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