Top 10 Dorm Essentials No One Thinks About

Top 10 Dorm Essentials No One Thinks About

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There is nothing worse than getting to college, moving into your dorm, saying your goodbyes, and then realizing you’ve forgotten something essential that you never even thought about. To help you avoid this anxiety, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 dorm essentials that no one thinks about (including me when I moved in freshman year!) 

1. Umbrella

Number one on our list is an umbrella! It is super easy to forget about this until your first rainy day of classes and nobody wants to have to sit through classes while soaking wet because you didn’t think about bringing one when you moved in! We recommend getting an umbrella with a bag you can put it in once closed, that way you can put it back in the bag once you get to class and not drip water all over the place! 

2. Steamer

A steamer is another essential you won’t think about until you really need it. Not only is it useful to help you look more put together in your day to day outfits, but it is essential before important meetings, presentations, and events. You won’t want to be caught hours before an event with a wrinkly outfit and no way to fix it! 

3. Humidifier

Once the winter months come around, especially in colder areas, many people end up with super dry dorm rooms! A humidifier is essential to help you avoid illnesses and dry skin in the winter and can help you feel more comfortable overall. If you don’t want a large humidifier in your room, you can buy a mini portable one that just connects to a water bottle! 

4. Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo is essential for those unavoidable days when you get too lazy to wash your hair. If you stay up late studying and have no time to shower before class the next day, dry shampoo has got you covered! Even if your hair is clean, dry shampoo is also great for giving it a little extra volume!

5. Basic Tool Kit

A basic tool kit is another thing you never think about until you need it. Whether it is for hanging up decorations with your roommate, unscrewing something that needs batteries, or any other random need that will inevitably come up. If you look on amazon, you can find mini tool kits that are cheap and have everything you need!

6. Step Stool

A step stool is a must if you plan on elevating but not lofting your bed! You will quickly get tired of either jumping or dragging a chair over just to get in bed and will wish you thought about getting a step stool for your dorm. Having a step stool also comes in handy when decorating or trying to reach any storage in your closet. 

7. Themed Clothing

If you plan on going to parties or joining Greek life, you will definitely want to bring some themed clothing. Fraternities and sororities frequently throw themed parties and it is super fun to be able to dress up along with all your friends. Some common party themes are beach, neon, jersey, jungle, pajama, and of course costume for Halloween!

8. Teeth Whitening Kit

A way to whiten your teeth while at school is often forgotten about until you realize your teeth are looking a lot more yellow than before. The Novashine Teeth Whitening Kit is perfect to bring for quick whitening sessions that make your teeth shades whiter and help you make a great impression on all the new people you’re going to meet! You can even plug it in to your laptop and use it while doing homework for an effortless white smile!

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9. HDMI Cord

An HDMI cord is something no one remembers or even thinks to bring, but it can end up being super useful! You can use it to plug your laptop in for class presentations and you can also use it to plug your laptop into TVs for movie nights in your dorm/in common areas with all your new friends! It can also help you make friends because tons of people will for sure be needing to borrow it! 

10. Air Mattress

Last on our list of the dorm essentials no one thinks about is an air mattress. If you plan on having friends or family from home come to visit your dorm, you (and they!) probably won’t want to share your tiny twin bed. An air mattress can also be used to have sleepovers with your new friends as well! Just make sure it is okay with your roommate before having any guests stay the night!


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