Ultimate Prom Guide: To Do List for an Unforgettable Night

Ultimate Prom Guide: To Do List for an Unforgettable Night

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Prom. You've probably been thinking about this day since you were 13 years old... at least I know I was! When prom day arrives, we want everything to be perfect; so it's important to plan ahead to ensure your night goes as planned! Here is a put together guide to make sure prom night is unforgettable! 

Way in Advance

It can be extremely stressful to plan things last minute... that's why some things need to be taken care of in advance! Here is a good gist of things to take into account at least a month before prom day!

  • will you be going to prom with a date? If yes, will you two be matching? What about a corsage and boutonniere? Coordinating outfits may need to be hemmed and flowers need to be purchased in advance. It may be best to consider these things ahead of time!
  • how are you getting to prom? Is everyone driving themselves? Is a small group getting a limo? A big group getting a party bus? Once again, these services need to be booked, and prom season is a busy time! Make sure to look into these services well in advance.
  • where are you getting ready? Are you getting ready alone? Are you having a few girls over? Are you going over to someone else's house? Make these plans in advance so you aren't running around last second and wasting time!
  • is a big group going somewhere to get photos? Prom is a memorable date and you and your parents may want some photos! Pictures outside of your house will do just fine, but often times there is a location where the entire class will meet. Try your best to seek out where everyone is going so you don't miss getting pictures with any of your friends!
  • where is everyone going after prom? There is typically always an after party... you just have to pick the one best suited for you and your friend group!
  • how will you get home safely? With after parties always comes things you may not be ready for. Make sure you and your friends are making safe decisions and have a plan on how to get home well in advance of prom night. 

The Night Before

The night before prom night is the perfect time to pamper yourself! With all the stressing, it is important to remember that looking good is also about feeling good, and you can't feel good without taking care of yourself! 

  • take a bath or shower! This is the best thing to do to get yourself some relaxation time! Put on your favorite music, throw in a bath bomb, and enjoy! Some of our favorite bath bombs can be purchased from Marshalls for a great price!
  • give your face a little boost! Try on a face mask during or after your bath/shower. Our favorite is this matcha mud mask! It has your face feeling hydrated and smooth after use! 

  • apply a lip mask! My personal favorite is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. It comes in so many different scents, and it has your lips feeling soooo soft. 
  • self tanning over spray tanning! it is important to check the instructions on your tanner to see how long the process may take. My personal favorite tanning mousse takes at LEAST 6 hours to develop. Thus, the easiest way to apply it is before I go to bed and wash it off in the morning when I wake up! Incase you need a beginners tanner, try Bondi Sands! Make sure to apply using a tanning mitt for the easiest application!
  • Last but not least, make sure to whiten your teeth! There are so many options for whitening teeth, but our favorite is the Novashine whitening kit! Not only is the kit simple to use, but it is easy to see a difference just after ONE use! Moreover, you can multitask while using it!

The Day Of

Good morning! Time to get your day started! 

  • getting ready at a friend's house? Getting ready alone? Regardless of your plan, make sure to get started on time! Figure out what time pictures are and how long it will take to drive to that location. Once you figured that out, back track and estimate how long it will take for you to get ready!
  • make sure you use that whitening kit again! Once you put your make up on, it will make the process that much more complicated. Plus, whitening your teeth a second time will only make them look that much better. 

Let's do a quick recap to make sure you have the best prom day ever! Things to think about:

  1. What you will be wearing
  2. Color of corsage and boutonniere
  3. Are you taking a limo/party bus?
  4. Where are you getting group pictures?
  5. Where are you getting ready?
  6. Where are the after parties? 
  7. How will you get home safely? 
  8. How should you prepare the night before?

Take into consideration all of these questions and you'll be set for a great night!

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