Whitening Q&A with @BlondeandToothy

Whitening Q&A with @BlondeandToothy

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On July 22nd, the Novashine Smile Team went live on Instagram with @BlondeandToothy to ask her some questions about teeth whitening products, dental school, and how the pandemic has changed her experience. @BlondeandToothy, aka Paulina, is a dental student at NYU's College of Dentistry!

How do teeth get white with whitening products?

When asked about whitening products, Paulina explains that the ingredients play an important role.

“There are slight abrasives in all teeth whiteners. There are extrinsic stains in your teeth and whiteners go in that penetrate the discoloration in your teeth! There is always a bleaching agent as well!” 

Paulina mentioned that a key ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, which is a powerful ingredient involved in Novashine’s Teeth Whitening Kit! We keep a potent amount of 6% hydrogen peroxide in our gel so that you can get a whiter smile without the sensitivity other products cause!

Biggest mistakes when whitening?

When asked about whitening mistakes, Paulina emphasized that you shouldn't trust everything on the internet.

“Definitely avoid the popular internet fad products! They do not work and are extremely abrasive on your teeth. Just because something is popular on social media doesn’t mean it works! Also don't use lemons and baking soda: it is too acidic and erosive! That makes your teeth brittle and breaks down your enamel layer."

Some of the biggest things that Paulina mentioned when discussing internet fads were charcoal products. Charcoal products can be extremely abrasive on your teeth and take away too much of your enamel. This leads to your teeth not having that protective layer that helps avoid decay or infection! 

Are there any natural ways to whiten your teeth?

According to Paulina, adding certain foods to your diet is a great way to help remove surface stains and stay healthy at the same time.

“Some great ways to whiten your teeth are by eating foods rich in fiber! This includes broccoli or any coarse vegetables. This is because you are chewing a lot and releasing a lot of saliva, which can be a natural cleaner for your mouth. The same goes for foods like nuts and seeds that have a natural exfoliating effect. Dairy products also contribute to whitening because they have calcium!”

Looking into becoming a dentist?

Paulina shared many helpful tips on making it through dental school and how it is all about your mindset! She said that studying is a very important part and you must be dedicated to do all you can to learn the curriculum. This includes going to study sessions with fellow classmates and utilizing your resources!

“Dental school is the biggest wake up call you will have in life because it is the beginning of the journey! You can’t expect perfection in dental school, so don’t set those impossible standards for yourself. Perfectionism is the enemy of greatness!” 

Has Covid-19 changed dental practices?

As the pandemic rages on, dentists have noticed a public hesitancy to go to the dentist and a heavier emphasis on protective equipment.

“There is definitely an increase in the amount of progressive cases, as many people avoided going to the dentist at all in 2020 as well. We definitely have an increased amount of PPE, which are the protective garments we wear. This includes gloves, scrubs and gowns, hair nets, shoe bags, N95 under a regular mask, a face shield, and goggles! It’s all very important for safety as we are in close contact with patients!”

Paulina’s Recommendations

Paulina discussed two Novashine products that she thinks are great for whitening! She tried out both our Whitening Kit and our Ultrasonic Toothbrush, which she discussed had great ingredients.

“I liked the electric toothbrush because it has all the features you are looking for in an electric toothbrush! The bristles are really soft, it has a good battery life, and it has a lot of different settings for different types of teeth. That is definitely something to look out for in an electric toothbrush! I also really liked the whitening kit because it has great ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and potassium nitrate, both reducing sensitivity and whiten with less abrasiveness.”


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