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General Requirements to Become a Novashine Ambassador 

  • U.S. Resident 

    Due to shipping and logistics restrictions, our ambassadors are limited to the United States for the time being. 
  • Public Instagram Profile 

    Even if you have other social media accounts, your Instagram must be public and active. 
  • 18+

    Ambassadors must be 18 years or older to apply.


Campaign Guidelines 

Our campaigns are gifted only.
We do not run any paid campaigns at the time being. However, enrolling in our ambassador program gives you 10% commission for every referred sale you make.
You are required to complete a minimum of two social media posts in different formats. 

These posts cannot both be Instagram stories. You can make your posts on any platform of your choosing, however they must be different.

All posts must be labelled as paid partnerships
In order to comply with FTW law, all influencers are legally required to disclose sponsored content. 
Both posts must be made within a 30 day timeframe of receiving your package.
We understand that life happens and things come up. If for any reason you find yourself limited on time, send us a message on Instagram! 

Commission and Rewards

FAQs about our influencer platform. 

How much commission will I earn? 
You earn 10% commission on every referred sale! 
Where do I see how much I've made? 
From your account dashboard, click on My Earnings. There you can see the history of transactions and the total amount you have earned.
How do I get paid? 
From your account settings page, under payout, you will link your PayPal account where you will receive your commission rewards.  
What is my referral code?
You create your own referral code when you sign up! You can change this any time from the settings page in your account. 
How do I use my 10% off discount? 
Enter the code NovashineAmb10 in the discount box at checkout. 
Can I use my discount code with other discounts? 
Unfortunately, the ambassador code with not stackable with regular discount codes. 
Can I continue posting after I complete the first two? 
Absolutely! We always love to see our influencers' content and share it on our page. We'd be happy to gift you another product for another promotion. 

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