Six Common Teeth Whitening Myths

Six Common Teeth Whitening Myths

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Everyone has their own opinion on teeth whitening products, but there are prevailing myths around the teeth whitening process! Misinformation around the process keeps people from splurging on that whitening product and getting the smile they always wanted, so we decided to debunk them! 


Myth #1: Crowns and Veneers can be whitened.

Some people with crowns and veneers are disappointed when they can’t whiten teeth, but there’s a good reason for this! Crowns and veneers are often shade matched to surrounding teeth (or a brighter shade is picked if you want whiter teeth). Since they’re made from dental porcelain, they are very hard to stain and permanently stay the same color they were when they were added! The best way to remove any buildup on fake teeth is to invest in an electric toothbrush. 

Electric toothbrushes help with teeth whitening.

Myth #2: Whitening results are permanent.

With whitening kits, the results are usually an impressively white smile! However, if you want to maintain the results, you have to continually use a whitening product. Enamel is stained slowly throughout the day from food, drinks, and other habits such as smoking. Using a whitening kit like Novashine consistently removes those stains before they build up and make your smile yellow. 


Smile tip: For Novashine’s Teeth Whitening Kit, we recommend using it for five days the first week and then once a week afterward for maintenance.

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Myth #3: Teeth whitening gum works.

Some brands offer teeth whitening gum to help you whiten on the go. However, the concentration of bleaching agents is likely too low to yield results. Even if it was, chewing a piece of gum would lead to uneven results as the gum does not stay in one place consistently. If you’re trying to whiten on the go, we would recommend trying the Novashine Teeth Whitening Pen. 

Myth #4: Acidic foods can whiten teeth.

The trend of using strawberries to whiten your teeth recently circulated on social media. While this method is natural, extended exposure to the acid in strawberries can break down the enamel and lead to painful sensitivity. If you’d like to help whiten your teeth through your diet, try eating vegetables high in fiber! Vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli essentially brush your teeth while you eat them!

Smile tip: Check out our Q&A with dental student, @BlondeandToothy, to learn more dietary tips for your teeth! 

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Myth #5: Teeth whitening damages your enamel.

A common misconception is that the chemicals used in teeth whitening kits damage your enamel. As long as they are used correctly, the bleaching agents in teeth whitening kits actually penetrate the pores in your teeth rather than breaking down the enamel entirely! Also, Novashine’s teeth whitening kit has ingredients that strengthen the enamel such as fluoride!


Myth #6: Teeth Whitening is painful.

Teeth whitening should NEVER be painful! With the right ingredients, whitening products should be able to minimize pain and sensitivity. If there is pain involved, it is likely due to using too much product or leaving it on past the recommended time. The Novashine Teeth Whitening Kit added potassium nitrate, an ingredient used in toothpaste for sensitive teeth, to nearly eliminate all sensitivity during use! 

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