Strawberry Flavored Gel Refill Limited Edition

Limited Edition Strawberry-Flavored Teeth Whitening Gel Refill

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Already used up both gel packs in your at-home teeth whitening kit? Don’t worry—you can get refills here! Even better, you can get sweet-tasting ones, including the strawberry-flavored teeth whitening gel refill from Novashine.

This limited-edition gel refill is similar to the standard mint-flavored teeth whitening gels that come with the kit. We just tweaked the flavor for those who want something sweeter while on a teeth whitening session. These strawberry gel refills are made with dentist-grade peroxide-based gel that lifts discoloration from your teeth and lowers tooth sensitivity.

Each package comes with two strawberry-flavored gel refills that can give you up to 15 teeth whitening sessions. Used in tandem with the portable LED light mouthpiece that came with the kit, the teeth whitening effects can be amplified by up to 5x, giving you a confident smile that’s 5x brighter.

You can observe visible results after 3 uses. For maximum teeth whitening, though, we recommend up to 8 teeth whitening sessions. Get your strawberry-flavored teeth whitening gel refills today.