Novashine Fundraising Sticker Pack! (Available Now!)

Novashine Fundraising Sticker Pack! (Available Now!)

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We're joining the fight!

Novashine Stickers for putting on Laptops, Mirrors, anything!

This sticker pack was made in an effort to help those currently being affected by the on-going situation to fight the spread of COVID-19. 50% of all sales will be going directly to charities that are providing aid to those with limited access to daily necessities, such as food, water, and supplies. The other 50% covers the cost of manufacturing the stickers:)

When will I receive the sticker pack? 

You can expect to receive your stickers within two weeks of ordering:) 

Where are the donations going? 

Donations will be going to charities in states hit hardest by COVID-19 including New York, Washington, California and Texas. 

This is just one way you can help though! Social Distancing, Practicing good self-care, and washing hands all contribute to a safer and healthier world:) 

This fundraising event will be available until 4/3/2020 

As always thanks so much for being so supportive of Novashine! We have one of the best internet families one can ask for and are so happy to be helping those in need!

Find us on Instagram @Novashinesmile for more updates!